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Information of project is the largest international project, dedicated to vehicle registration plates of the world and everytning related to them: history, manufacturing technologies, circulation, statistics of issues.
You may ask any interesting questions, related to themes of license plates or just chat pleasantly in forum of our project. Also, any information of license plates from different countries and international organizations can be found in forum. But main part of our project is a photogallery, where license plate fans publish their photos.

Photographing of license plates is a hobby at first. Many people walk the streets and see cars: some license plates cause a smile, some make you think about wealth of their owners. "Vanity" plates sometimes can be seen on such cars that just amazed with quite an explicit mismatch. Our site is created for those people who have habit to look at license plates and turned it into a hobby, and, being equipped with a photocamera, go for a hunting.

Photos can't cause any harm to owners of cars. Moreover, spotting an entertaining license plate for history is not illegal, because it's not an invasion of privacy. Indeed, what's the difference, if license plate can be seen on the street in traffic, or on our website? License plates were introduced to identify car, but vanity license plates are used in order to attract attention.

License plate photographing is widespreaded modern hobby. Because of this we made our site, where vehicle license plates from Great Britain, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Poland, Hungary, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and former USSR may be placed.

If you want to participate in filling our gallery with photos, there is nothing easier! You may upload license plats of cars, trucks, buses, work and agricultural machines, motorcycles and scooters in any quantity, but at first you should pass a simple procedure of free registration. It can be done as follows:

  • Make a photo of vehicle and its license plate which must be visible,
  • Pass a simple procedure of registration on our site,
  • Open the page "upload a new license plate",
  • Upload a photo of the object, providing it with description.

Administration of the site is not responsible for copyright violation, but warns users and guests of the project that rules of copyright must be respected.