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SAAB Sonett

License plate of Denmark, Regular plates

1974 Saab Sonett III

This shows the car as Saab intended it to look - without a front bumper. When tightened US-legislation required the fitting of a huge rubber bumper, it ruined the aerodynamics and aesthetics alike, leading to a dramatic decline in sales, and ultimately Saab's decision to end production.

Tangrogen, Aarhus, Denmark, at the classic car park of the 2014 CRAA car show.


Extra information

  • Make: SAAB
  • Model Year: 1974
  • Colour: Ukendt
  • VIN: 97745000072
  • Engine: Benzin
  • Status: Registreret
  • First Registration: 31. december 1974
  • Last Insurance: 28-08-2006, Status: Aktiv
  • Mileage: 131000 Km, 16-05-2018
  • Police wanted: Not Wanted

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