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Mercedes-Benz E-Klasse

License plate of Denmark, Regular plates

2009 Mercedes-Benz E 420 CDI Aut. (W 211)

Aarhus city taxi, fleet number 212-0008, from new in 2009 and until february 2013.

Now (early 2019) runs as a private vehicle on plates CE33395.

The license plate number range 98000 to 99999 is reserved for taxis and limousine services (years ago also for tourist coaches), and is almost always used. Taxis pay a lower tax than normal vehicles, but can't be resold for other purposes until they've "earned" it, usually after 2-3 years. If a taxi has been "paid off" like this, it can sometimes be seen on normal plates outside the assigned range - the same goes for some minibuses used (partially) for taxi services.

The fleet numbers consist of 3 numbers, a dash, followed by 4 numbers. The first 3 numbers are the geographical code, with "212" designating greater Aarhus, while the last 4 are the taxi-license number. If a taxi-owner switches to work for a competing company, the taxi-license number is retained, and once the car is retired from service, the successor takes over the number. The numbers in greater Aarhus go from 0001 to appr. 0315, but not all of them are active. The exact number changes quite often, as licenses get issued and revoked, depending on current needs.

Central Aarhus, Denmark, 2011.



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