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  1. Geneva Airport, Switzerland: J 102757 Jaguar XJ
  2. Geneva, Switzerland: AA 896 UU Mercedes-Benz S-Klasse (my highest!)
  3. Roma, Italy (pictures of my boyfriend) CV 03887 Mazda Demio CV 04046 Ford Fiesta CV 04089 Mercedes-Benz E-Klasse SCV 00606 Ford Focus SCV 01002 Smart Fortwo
  4. Roma, Italy (pictures of my boyfriend): CD 017 ER BMW 7-Series (ER: Belize) CD 025 DF VW Golf (DF: Estonia) CD 078 UE Toyota Avensis (UE: Bolivia) CD 0090 HR Citroën Xsara Picasso (HR: Lebanon) CD 0132 GP Lexus RX (GP: United Arab Emirates) CD 0140 AA Audi A6 (AA: Albania) CD 0150 AA Mercedes-Benz B-Klasse (AA: Albania) CD 0208 TF Kia Rio (TF: Ecuador) CD 0260 HC BMW 5-Series (HC: Indonesia) CD 0284 BX Dacia Duster (BX: Netherlands) CD 0355 UA Renault Espace (UA: Argentina) CD 0362 QG Opel Astra (QG: Tunisia) CD 0377 QG Opel Astra (QG: Tunisia) CD 0428 CH Lancia Delta (CH: Spain) CD 0451 UF Audi A6 (UF: Brazil) CD 0532 GB BMW 1-Series (GB: Saudi Arabia) + CD 0252 BG Peugeot 107 (BG: Greece) CD 0674 AQ Peugeot 307 CC (AQ: France) CD 0681 AQ Peugeot 308 (AQ: France) CD 1275 DA BMW 3-Series (DA: Russia)
  5. Красный Крест Италии

    Roma, Italy: CRI 417 AB Fiat Sedici (picture of my boyfriend)
  6. Roma, Italy: AA 995 SB Skoda Fabia (Picture of my boyfriend)
  7. Roma, Italy: GR 0VPGM Fiat 500X (Picture of my boyfriend)
  8. Verbier (VS), Switzerland: 39252 Audi A6 Allroad
  9. Verbier (VS), Switzerland: J 93566 VW Touareg
  10. Happy new Year! 2018 was a very good year for me in terms of plates, and 2019 will certainly be amazing also! Some travels are already planned for 2019:

    - St-Petersburg, Russia, from February to June (I'll be studying there), a good occasion to spot ex-USSR countries plates, and also to spot the Russian codes I couldn't see the first time I stayed.

    - Timisoara, Romania (first week of July), it seems a great place for plates-spotting if I refer to @RA-MA22 gallery! I'm also looking forward to the trip itself, as I'm travelling by bus (it will be 30 hours of bus through Switzerland, Austria, a little part of Germany, Hungary and finally Romania!)

    - Chile (2 weeks in October/November), probably the longest journey I'll ever do! I'll be there for a Congress (like I was in Ufa this year), so I won't have much time to go spotting, but I hope I'll come back with some interesting pics!

    1. skarch


      I'll be in SPB at the end of March. I hope we will meet!

    2. Juterman


      I have plans for visiting Saint-Petersburg and Vyborg in May. I hope we will meet too!

    3. antenn


      ...and I was thinking about travelling to the east of Hungary in the summer, Timişoara actually sounds good xD

  11. Geneva, Switzerland: CD GE 8 527 Peugeot 5008 (527: Representation of Costa Rica to the World Trade Organization) CD GE 6 160 Mercedes-Benz C-Klasse (160: Uzbekistan) CD GE 1 554 BMW 1-Series (the Ambassador of Bulgaria to the World Trade Organization)