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  1. IPO-1100 in Budapest, at the Gumball 3000.
  2. BS 55517 and BT 54972 in Budapest, at the Gumball 3000 (the Mercedes is the team's race car, the Cayenne is apparently a support car) Though I don't really like pink, these wrappings are fantastic!
  3. DN 31224 in Maglód, Pest county, Hungary: DP 94213 in Budapest (Gumball 3000, but probably a supporter car):
  4. BD 42138 Maglód, Pest county, Hungary
  5. It might depend on the attitude of the country's citizens, but my experience is that people don't care about others' cars In Hungary, they either don't notice it, or think that you're issuing parking tickets. Thought with a camera, you can zoom from a large distance (if the owner is around or in the car), and still get a good-quality photo. In addition to what Helvetics wrote, I recommend downloading IrfanView, which is an excellent free program for cropping, rotating, resizing photos and improving the colors!
  6. Another US diplomat in this size: CD 020-154 Some of the old system: CK 44-79 DT 21-71 (Australia) DT 01-00 - the embassy of the USA even has a bus DT 01-94
  7. I spotted it with a black plate, 660 OVJ 509 GYR in Krk, Croatia, 2016/08.
  8. International double spot! Budapest: