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  1. Fixed! Unfortunately this problem always happens with older RO uploads, and there is no general solution.
  2. Sounds good! I've spotted 2 Åland plates in Stockholm, and spotter Uralos visited the island in the past. Faroe seems rare, but there might be a few in Denmark.
  3. What's the reason for this? Cyprus plates barely exist abroad, while Ireland is common in the UK (+ I spotted about 300 plates on my trip there), BIH can be found anywhere in the Balkans, and even Macedonia is significantly more common.
  4. hashtag

    Kicsit későn reagálok, de sztem a #molfleet maradjon meg a MOL dolgozók céges autóinak, a közösségiekre elég a #mollimo
  5. They still appear on a lot of rental cars
  6. Where is the plate from / Откуда номер?

    It was already spotted about 4-5 times in Hungary (parking permit for Budapest centrum at the right), nobody had any idea... It could even be a fake, but that's unlikely with all these legit stickers.
  7. Érdekes gyűjtemény, köszi! Nekem is alig van valami dokumentálva a 2000-es évekből, pedig én is emlékszem, hogy mennyi IFA volt, de ezek a Liazok, meg a Barkasok, Zukok is gyakran fordultak elő. Egyrészt még kölyök voltam és nem gondoltam, hogy ezek így el fognak tűnni, másrészt akkor még nehéz volt jó digitális fotót készíteni, főleg forgalomban. Az AZV-212 biztos nincs rosszul felírva? Ez egy jó ritka sorozat, de nem kocka, és a Liazon valószínűbb, hogy az lehetett (pl. a V lehetett B vagy C, és akkor már kockák) A keresőben nincs rá találat.
  8. These could be added in the next stage along with Umm al-Quwain... in the forum, there are only about 10 posts from these emirates (some of them by a deceased user), but over 100 from Ontario. Besides, I propose two more switches for later: Norway with Slovenia (we have more spotters close to the latter) and Andorra with Albania (significant size difference).
  9. I don't know how much preparation was already made for the Canadian section, but I think it should be opened with 2 provinces, British Columbia and Ontario. (Just like the UAE gallery was opened with Abu Dhabi and Dubai) Even though we don't have a spotter from Ontario, it's the central and most populous part of Canada, and it looks like there are much more plates abroad from ON than any other province.
  10. Only the regular series has a working DIN informer yet.
  11. @Homer, can you please remove the hyphen (-) from the list of the letters? Almost all users upload single-letter plates with a hyphen as the 2nd letter, these uploads don't appear in the series table and it's impossible to find them later.
  12. CD 060-102 CD 022-001 (probably the ambassador of Albania, I've even seen a similar Phaeton with old standard Albanian plates) CD 109-102 CD 151-101 CD 153-205 (Ukraine) CD 038-407 (Russia)