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  1. Here is a separate topic for these plates, because I'll post many from this region, it's better to have them in one place. MU-56 DH JU-92 DH MT-19 BT
  2. LJ 86-4G in St. Lorenzen ob Murau, Steiermark, Austria. LJ F0-89P in Budapest.
  3. ZG-6682-FR in Tamsweg, Land Salzburg, Austria. The highest: ZG-2247-GK in Budapest.
  4. P-05208 (16) P-03775 (17) P-02063 (11) from 2011/03. The only square (not US-size) test plate I've ever seen. Quite impractical, held in place by something like a seatbelt, but it has a rarely-seen thin font, which was also used for the number on the "AAAAA-1" custom plates without euroband.
  5. Budapest: DT 08 88 (Maybe the custom plate of a former Hungarian diplomat?) BXSW-664, 20 minutes later. The first time I spotted 2 Canadians in a day! BAVX-307
  6. CD 119-105 + 119-106 CD 024-201 (Finland, despite the plate frame from Stockholm. Old plate: DT 11-05)