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  1. Near Lezhë, Albania. July-2018 LE 7989 A
  2. Near Lezhë, Albania. July-2018 LA 3896 A LA 7189 A LA 7205 A
  3. Near Shkodër, Albania. July-2018 SH 963 D SH 548 A SH 8120 E SH 6917 D
  4. Sanos S213 http://platesmania.com/gallery.php?fastsearch=&markaavto=&date1=&date2=&dop=Sanos+S213&usr=&com=&vote=
  5. Golden Dragon XML6700 http://platesmania.com/gallery.php?fastsearch=&markaavto=&date1=&date2=&dop=XML6700&usr=&com=&vote=
  6. Polaris Slingshot http://platesmania.com/gallery.php?&dop=Polaris Slingshot&start=0
  7. Yes! The tables are correct for regular plates. Serbia has a different system than, pretty much, everyone else Their plates go e.g. BG 001-AA, AB, AC, AČ....ŽŽ, 002-AA and so on. That's why the majority of cities still has plates with numbers under 100! But the wrong thing with those tables are trailer series which, surprisingly, go normally from 001-AA to 999-AA etc. and in the tables they're shown like regular plates (One example, 11 AD trailers and in the tables they're put under serial numbers and not under the letter combination AD. http://platesmania.com/rs/gallery.php?ctype=2&nomer=AD&region=25506&fon=&markaavto=&date1=&date2=&dop=&usr=&com=&vote=). Same problem with TX and OO (except vehicles) plates which should also have tables with TX and OO letters instead of numbers.
  8. Bar, Montenegro (Highest I managed to spot. I've seen LC series but no photo) 01 508-KT
  9. Zastava Rival-series http://platesmania.com/gallery.php?fastsearch=&markaavto=98&model=&date1=&date2=&dop=Rival&usr=&com=&vote= http://platesmania.com/rs/nomer10911121 http://platesmania.com/rs/nomer11215454