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  1. Where is the plate from / Откуда номер?

    Could anyone help me with this?
  2. Jelcz 800-series http://platesmania.com/pl/nomer12075297
  3. There is second array (for tracked vehicles) of military plates in Poland. They all ends on "T" letter , and there is few more new prefixes: UF - rocket launchers UH - self-propelled artillery UL - command vehicles UN - self-propelled anti-air artillery (flak) UR - reconnaisance cars https://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tablice_rejestracyjne_w_Polsce#Tablice_wojskowe
  4. J53610 - Mercedes-Benz S W220 Nadarzyn, Poland
  5. IFA ADK http://platesmania.com/pl/nomer11788777 http://platesmania.com/hu/nomer11611236 http://platesmania.com/hu/nomer9935290 http://platesmania.com/pl/nomer9667423 http://platesmania.com/hu/nomer9690280 http://platesmania.com/hu/nomer9130734 http://platesmania.com/hu/nomer8117230 http://platesmania.com/hu/nomer7674910 http://platesmania.com/hu/nomer7667972 http://platesmania.com/hu/nomer7654492 http://platesmania.com/hu/nomer7640828
  6. De Tomaso Guara http://platesmania.com/uk/nomer11590747 http://platesmania.com/uk/nomer11590739
  7. Wrong number of plates. It says 1002, while only me uploaded 1987 DW plates. http://platesmania.com/pl/gallery.php?&region=22235&start=0 - this page says 2002 but i'm not sure it's true, because every page after 100, like http://platesmania.com/pl/gallery.php?&region=22235&start=100 shows only one, same picture.
  8. http://platesmania.com/pl/regionstat-DW-1
  9. Audi 4000 http://platesmania.com/pl/nomer11214722 http://platesmania.com/lv/nomer9808546 http://platesmania.com/lv/nomer9808396 http://platesmania.com/by/nomer7050207
  10. Where is the plate from / Откуда номер?

    Previous owner was from japan, is that info helps a little bit?
  11. Autosan H10-10 http://platesmania.com/pl/nomer7598401 http://platesmania.com/pl/nomer7606753 http://platesmania.com/pl/nomer7620564