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  1. I didn't even know there is such a forum! You really need to tell this to new moderators. Also, the Platesmania rules are still only in Russian. There should be an English translation. Even I don't know them fully because the meaning is lost with Google Translate.
  2. http://platesmania.com/vn/gallery.php?ctype=3&nomer=&region=&fon=2&markaavto=&date1=&date2=&dop=&usr=&com=&vote= The informers of all two-row Special Vietnamese plates are incorrect. In all photos, there is no dash "-" on the first row.
  3. http://platesmania.com/ee/nomer12173761 http://platesmania.com/ee/nomer11292150 Why do these plates appear in yellow? They cannot be fixed in any way.
  4. Where is the plate from / Откуда номер?

    Молдова, система 1992 Двухрядный номер без европоля
  5. There is no two-row version. There are a few more spots like this: http://platesmania.com/es/gallery.php?ctype=3&nomer=&region=2123&fon=2&markaavto=&date1=&date2=&dop=&usr=&com=&vote= I think a two-row variant should be added.
  6. Where is the plate from / Откуда номер?

    Датский транзит На форуме
  7. Неполучившиеся снимки

    Delaware | ?08280 | In Varna, Bulgaria
  8. Bulgaria: Civil Protection Civil Protection plates are obsolete. Around 2015 the Civil Protection department was handed over to the Fire Department. Almost all Civil Protection plates have been switched out with regular Bulgarian plates. I only have 1 photo of a Civil Protection plate.
  9. http://platesmania.com/th/nomer12160084 There is something wrong with this spot, I cannot fix the informer. In the edit panel, even if I select กำแพงเพชร (Kamphaeng phet), it does not show me the individual plates for Kamphaeng phet. Instead, it shows me the individual plates for กาญจนบุรี (Kanchanaburi)
  10. Where is the plate from / Откуда номер?

    Индия GA = Goa 11 = Pernem
  11. Where is the plate from / Откуда номер?

    Шведский транзит
  12. Ontario is missing from the search options!
  13. Volkwagen Touran | ST 90749 | Veliko Tarnovo province, Bulgaria
  14. In the Lithuanian gallery, these is no way to search for this type of plate: There is no search option for it. Also, it does not appear when searching "Single row plate with flag". It is also missing from the Upload and Informer pages.