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  1. You can see a plan of the upcoming country galleries here: If you have a lot of photos of Greek license plates and plan to upload frequently, you can request Greece to be moved earlier in the plan.
  2. In Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria. Skoda Felicia BG 455-ŠI Skoda Superb BG 565-WY
  3. Issued since 2016, Bulgarian repeater plates are used for external trunks/racks on vehicles which obstruct the rear license plate of the vehicle. They have red letters on a white background and a small number just after the district code, which denotes which of several repeater plates issued to this vehicle it is. They are sealed to the external trunks/racks to prevent removal.
  4. 2.13. Bulgaria. Repeater plates (Red letters with small number after the district code, denoting which of several issued repeater plates to this registration number it is) This is a new type of plate which appeared in 2016, but is being issued very slowly due to poor management of its issuing process.
  5. Opel Insignia RK 25090 In Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria. The last big European country I was missing! Only Iceland, Malta and most other micro-countries left unspotted of Europe.
  6. Citroen C3 Pluriel 001 M 786 07/17 In Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria. The transit plates with middle letter H have been used up. Now they introduced a new middle letter - M.
  7. Toyota Verso C 3474 18 (34 = Iran) In Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria.
  8. Reposting because it got lost in the last page In Varna, Bulgaria Варна, Болгария
  9. Trabant 601 KXK 0-88 Retro Museum, Varna, Bulgaria.
  10. I think it is Bosnia, but what type?
  11. Again in Veliko Tarnovo, 2017.6.24: Mercedes-Benz Travego SK 7660 AH In Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria
  12. BNK J85 - Florida, USA I'm not sure if it is uploadable as a non-standard unless you have a photo of the original plate on the rear proves BNK J85 is a 2006 Ford Explorer: