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  1. One month later, this issue is still not fixed.
  2. FR 1 SFK in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria It is a license plate printed on paper and placed between two transparent pieces of plastic. The image is taken from www.olavsplates.com - (Screenshot)
  3. Where is the plate from / Откуда номер?

    It is exactly an inventory number
  4. Where is the plate from / Откуда номер?

    Австрия, экспортный транзит
  5. http://platesmania.com/us/nomer12415900 Informer doesn't work
  6. Дипломатические номера Румынии.

    Nissan Rogue | TC 157 149 | In Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria Sold by "Passport Nissan" of Camp Springs, Maryland, USA.
  7. Where is the plate from / Откуда номер?

    Нидерланды, экспорт, нестандартный
  8. http://platesmania.com/de/nomer12382953 The plate generator is broken on German Trade plates (06th) with a 1 letter code and 3 digits.
  9. Still broken... It is like this for all plate styles.
  10. All the galleries are broken again
  11. Where is the plate from / Откуда номер?

    3. Скорее всего подделка. Я спросил румына, он никогда не видел такой номерной знак.
  12. Where is the plate from / Откуда номер?

    1. Вероятно Турция без европоля 2. Алжир 3. ?