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  1. (L) CD 73-12 (73=European court of Justice) BMW 7 Series Luxembourg-City, Luxembourg (L) #diplomaticplatesingallerynow
  2. Maybe registred in CY for fiscality reasons? (honestly İ have no idea!)
  3. (B) CD-AL-481 BMW 3 Series Luxembourg-City, Luxembourg (L) #diplomaticplatesingallerynow
  4. (L) CD 73-32 (73=European court of Justice) Mercdes-Benz S350d Luxembourg-City, Luxembourg (L) #diplomaticplatesingallerynow (L) CD 14-50 parked behind!
  5. (F) 600CD2054 (600=Council of Europe) Volvo V50 Luxembourg-City, Luxembourg (L)
  6. (L) CD 73-36 (73=European court of Justice) Audi A8 Luxembourg-City, Luxembourg (L) #diplomaticplatesingallerynow French "Crit'air" sticker on the left side of the windshield + Luxembourg-City resident sticker (Lİ - Limpertsberg)
  7. (L) CD 77-01 (77=Court of First İnstance) Audi A8 Luxembourg-City, Luxembourg (L) #diplomaticplatesingallerynow
  8. (AND) K 013 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado Luxembourg-City, Luxembourg (L)
  9. (DK) FA 44 732 Peugeot 207 SW Luxembourg-City, Luxembourg (L) My first Danish plates on platesmania!
  10. (L) CD 75-01 (75=European Court of Auditors) BMW Series 7 Luxembourg-City, Luxembourg (L) #diplomaticplatesingallerynow
  11. (L) 5/18 5827 EXP Volvo V50 Lux-City, Luxembourg (L) My first export plate! £
  12. Does anyone has new informations about the introduction of new DZ plates ? I've been trying to look on the internet but didn't find anything!
  13. Even though the code displayed on the plates is "BU", the official DSIT/UN code remains "RU". Can the title of the thread be changed to RU?