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  1. (GBJ) J91503 Ford Transit Luxembourg-City, Luxembourg (L) My first GBJ!
  2. That’s a USA-CD car, not an AFG plate
  3. (F) RFLD865 Volvo XC60 Maastricht, Limburg, Netherlands (NL) My first F-RF plate!
  4. (USA) NV - E9437 Jeep Wrangler Maastricht, Limburg, Netherlands (NL) ! My first USA-VA! (frontless ) Daylight picture:
  5. The same spelling mistake remains in Spanish. Slovenia is spelled "Eslovenia" and not Slovenia
  6. (L) CD 14-08 (14=United States) Ford Tourneo United States embassy, Luxembourg-City, Luxembourg (L) #diplomaticplatesingallerynow Front plate taken above
  7. (L) CD 14-46 (14=United States) + S oval Volvo XC90 Luxembourg-City, Luxembourg (L) Freshly arrived from the factory in Sweden (apologies for the quality)
  8. (L) CD 32-00 (32=Cabo Verde) Mercdes-Benz S350d Luxembourg-City, Luxembourg (L) Ambassador's car! (and my first CD 32!)
  9. Small spelling mistake, Slovenia is spelled Eslovenia, and not Slovenia
  10. (USA) MO - 7JA-336 Chevrolet Silverado Luxembourg-City, Luxembourg (L) ! My first USA-MO !!
  11. Small spelling mistake: luxembourgeoise instead of luxemborugeoise Excuse my terrible my French skills
  12. (L) CD 73-27 (73=European Court of Justice) / Back plate taken in page 6! Audi A8 Luxembourg Findel airport, Luxembourg (L)
  13. L) CD 75-16 (75=European Court of Editors) Audi A8 Luxembourg Findel airport, Luxembourg (L) #diplomaticplatesingallerynow
  14. (L) CD 77-00 (77=Court of First İnstance) Mercedes Benz ? Luxembourg Findel airport, Luxembourg (L) #diplomaticplatesingallerynow