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  1. (L) CD 33-01 (33=Czech Republic/Czechia) Škoda Octavia Czech Embassy, Luxembourg-City, Luxembourg (L) #diplomaticplatesingallerynow #ovalsticker Sorry for the horrible picture, couldn't come any closer!
  2. (L) CD 77-35 (77=Court of First İnstance) BMW 7 Series Lux-City, Luxembourg (L) #diplomaticplatesingallerynow
  3. (L) CD 77-76 (77=Court of First İnstance) Volvo XC90 Lux-City, Luxembourg (L) #diplomaticplatesingallerynow #Autopolis.lu
  4. 987 - Collectivity of French Polynesia (France)

    SİV system, but still awesome to see it (F) DW-877-NH VW Polo Luxembourg-City, Luxembourg (L)
  5. (L) CD 73-27 Audi A8 Luxembourg Findel airport, Luxembourg (L) #diplomaticplatesingallerynow
  6. (L) CD 73-25 (Transferred!) BMW 7 Series Luxembourg Findel airport, Luxembourg (L) #diplomaticplatesingallerynow
  7. (B) CD-AT-205 VW Caravelle Luxembourg Findel airport, Luxembourg (L) #diplomaticplatesingallerynow
  8. My bad, İ said that because İ think İ saw it parked inside the US embassy in Luxembourg-City last Friday, but İ couldn’t see the plate very precisely. Sorry for the 34 pictures, using the phone version is not very practical
  9. (B) CDZ495 Mercedes-Benz E Class 1800 L/B international border #diplomaticplatesingallerynow
  10. (L) CD 75-21 (75=European court of Editors) Mercdes-Benz S350d Luxembourg-City, Luxembourg (L) #diplomaticplatesingallerynow #leaseplan.lu µ