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  1. NIH-3668: Citroen C4 spotted in Thessaloniki, Greece NHY-5506: Peugeot 206 CC spotted in Thessaloniki, Greece
  2. NIB-3604: Peugeot 3008 spotted in Thessaloniki, Greece
  3. Номера такси Греции

    Since I'm mostly in Thessaloniki almost all the taxis will be dark blue and most of them will start with TAE. This doesn't necessarily mean that all taxis with TAE are from Thessaloniki, because there are plenty of taxis starting with TAE which operate in other prefectures too. Also, I've noticed that not every taxi driver likes to take care of their plates, so if some look faded, bent, or scratched it's hopefully their fault and not my picture-taking qualities. TAE-4968: Nissan Primera taxi spotted in Thessaloniki, Greece TAE-4881: Toyota Auris Estate taxi spotted in Thessaloniki, Greece
  4. ITH-2463: FIAT Fiorino spotted in Thessaloniki, Greece
  5. Thanks for the tips guys! I shall keep all those in mind. I have a Xiaomi Redmi Note 4, doesn't have the best camera in the market but it's good enough. As much as I'd like to buy a camera it does tend to be bulky and unnecessary for my daily life and they are quite expensive here too. Given that from what I see some people here find it weird seeing someone take pictures of a car and especially if it's not something unusual, I value your tips for discretion a lot! As for the worrying part, my main worry is to get a decent picture, not so much for the suspicion. It's often times I take a quick photo of a car only to find out that the quality is poor.
  6. Ном Мессиния (Μεσσηνία); KM,MZ

    KMT-3364: Peugeot 208 spotted in Skiathos, Greece
  7. PPE-9290: Suzuki Swift spotted in Skiathos, Greece
  8. ZKB-3526: Volkswagen Golf spotted in Skiathos, Greece ITH-8348: Ford Fiesta spotted in Skiathos, Greece
  9. BOT-4995: Suzuki Vitara spotted in Skiathos, Greece BOI-3474: Fiat Panda spotted in Skiathos, Greece (If someone could please edit this to my previous post and delete this message that would be fantastic, thanks)
  10. Sorry if this is the wrong forum but do you guys have any ideas on how to take good pictures of moving cars with a mobile phone? And do you also have tips on how to take pictures as discretely as possible? I tend to get blurry pictures and ended up missing a car from Dubai today!
  11. That map is a bit outdated and the plates have moved on. To give you an idea on how outdated it is the first NK plate used on a car was back in 2015 with the NKI plates in Eastern Thessaloniki back in 2015. Also I've noticed a few mistakes there, like for example Thessaloniki isn't represented properly there (it's split in West which are currently using NIB and East which is currently using NKA after NKK, though not entirely sure why ). So to not get off topic and to keep it quick YT is also used in Piraeus because YN is finished.
  12. Номера префектуры Превеза (Πρέβεζα), PZ,TX

    Funny thing is that the plate is from Preveza but the dealer is in Thessaloniki. Another common thing amongst Greek plates: the plates don't always tell you where the car is from.
  13. It is indeed one of the recent combinations, though not the highest combination yet (I believe it is currently at ITP). In general it's not surprising to find newer plates on cars as owners tend to register their cars temporarily rather than permanently (many can only afford having plates for a few months) or the car has a new owner. Both cases end up with a newer plate.