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  1. Kentucky antique vehicle, I have some really good spots of these plates
  2. California permanent trailer plate
  3. 7 digits plates with new 8 digits font
  4. Thanks! Commercial is also available with these schemes: Vanity 123-456: And these weird scheme (I only spotted one of this type): Thanks!
  5. New Jersey AAA-00A base, always when I upload the generator doesn't work: And after a moderator fixes it, the plate looks very weird and broken: Thanks!
  6. Massachusetts commercial license plate. Same design but without the slogan.
  7. AAA-00A scheme in flat plate, not available in the gallery http://platesmania.com/us/nomer12322467
  8. License plate generator of the USA doesn't work. You can't choose plate design.
  9. Plasan Sandcat https://www.plasan.com/sandcat/ http://platesmania.com/il/nomer11288974 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plasan_Sand_Cat
  10. Hello all I have a few users that I like to follow. But it's hard to locate their profile. Is it possible to add a search bar by user name? Like instead of looking for Homer, ID #1, people will just need to type "homer" to reach his profile? thanks!
  11. Current issue of North Carolina. It is issued for passenger cars since 2015. Very common.
  12. On upload of Georgia plates, it shows that you need to fill the plate as AAA (space) 1111. If you do so, there is an error. If you fill the number without a space (AAA1111) it uploads normally. Can you please edit it? it confuses, sometimes I can't remember which way is the correct way. Thanks!
  13. Pennsylvania truck plate- Very common plate on the roads, same design exactly as the regular plates. Similar to "commercial" plates in Louisiana, they can be on regular cars as well. Needs to be in the gallery in my opinion, I have a bunch of them waiting for upload... Thanks!