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Dealer license plates of Denmark / Тестовые номерные знаки Дании.

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270416        020516

in Berlin



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2013 Renault Clio dCi 75. Danish registration number was AK37879 (commercial plates)

Retired on february 1st 2018. Export valuation requested, but not listed as exported.

On 25/11/2018 at 4:07 PM, Andrey-UA said:

Вінницька обл. (UA)



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On 22/5/2018 at 11:46 PM, BimmerDude said:

Peugeot 3008 | 1335075 (19/05/18 - 21/05/18) | In Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria (20/05/18)


This is a very interesting one...

On may 18th 2018, this car had a record created in the danish vehicle registry (DMR). It was a so-called "administrativ oprettelse", meaning that it was simply the creation of a record - something usually done by dealers, or private individuals expecting to import a certain car in the near future. Having a record established for the car, makes it much easier and faster to process once the car is ready to get registration plates.

On the same occasion, the plates seen in this photo got issued. Valid for just a few days to allow the car to reach its destination.

But since then... nothing has happened at all: no registration, no export, no damages, no theft - nothing!

The record for this car is completely blank, except for the vin VF3HURHC8DS066810 and the unique vehicle id assigned to every car, in this case 9000000002701895 everything else is blank. I've looked up the neighbouring vehicle ids to check if there were any other Peugeots like this, which would indicate, that the record creation was initiated by a dealer, wanting to prepare a bunch of fresh arrivals for sale, but all the neighbouring vehicle ids belong to factory new Toyotas, so it seems more likely, that this Peugeot was used by a private individual.

It would be interesting to know where this car came from, and where it went, but chances for that are probably not very good.

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I should add, that the car was never registered on danish plates, so it's not a case of it being imported to Bulgari from Denmark - if this had been the case, the car status would also be listed as "exported"

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