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Toyota Hiace

License plate of the Netherlands, Commercial vehicles (yellow)

Moscow, Russia - 2019

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Extra information

  • Brand: Toyota
  • Model: Hi-ace Comm. 4wd
  • First registration: 19-08-1988
  • Power: 54.00 kW (74 pk)
  • Fuel: Diesel
  • Vehicle type: Camper, Bedrijfsauto
  • Body: Kampeerwagen

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Skyliner-а777аа77 2019-02-13 16:06:56 | #1

Brandweer by ductch is fireman! Is it possible to buy car like this for private use? I put the same photo from Amsterdam and consider that is some retro but not fireman. I think people espessial some hipsters can buy them for travelling and etc and don`t erase the articles from it. How it possible in NL?


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