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Mercedes-Benz G-Klasse

2001 year system, License plate of the Great Britain

AMG G 63 Colour Edition

Goodwood Festival of Speed 2017

Goodwood, West Sussex, United Kingdom

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GTRJacko 2017-07-11 01:15:16 | #1


I shall explain the situation behind these 'moving' shots from Goodwood (of course, i won't be able to translate it into Russian, as firstly, I don't speak Russian, and secondly, I'd rather not try and 'Google Translate' my explanation into Russian and paste it here, as it's just as bad as trying to translate Russian into English on Google Translate)

My camera was set on AV-mode (Aperture Priority for Canon users), as i had been shooting with the parked-up cars at the paddocks. However, i noticed that there was a bit of commotion happening at the track (supercars getting ready to race by), so decided to move into position next to the track. Of course, i forgot to set the camera onto the right settings, as it really didn't come across my mind, a simple oversight i would say to be honest. I also hadn't brought my telephoto lens with me to the event either, as i felt i didn't need the lens for this particular event.

The cars drove by at speed (some doing well over 160km/h), and in quick succession, one car driving passed every 5 seconds, and i also had to content with tall hay-bale barriers and large plastic signs on the track (told when drivers needed to brake). It was an environment that i couldn't really get any control over, so of course, not every picture is going to be perfect.

I feel that having to explain myself about these pictures is rather unnecessary, especially when the actual main subject of an image uploaded on the website, is the license plate.


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