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Every human has a hobby. Interests can be differ: from collecting any small objects to all kinds of creative activities and hobbies. Our site was created to unite people who spot cars and their license plates. This hobby, having appeared not a long time ago, has become very popular because both cars and license plates are of great interest.

Each car is unique. It always has some features, due to which you can surely recognize it on the road. License plate is the most important component of its individuality. Due to these few characters, you can understand, is owner relevant to some special services, does he want to attract attention with vanity and memorable license plates or in what part of the country the car was registered. Moreover, you can understand how license plates are issued in different countries (in strict sequences or randomly), may owners select personalized plates for their cars or not. So, the practical benefits from this hobby exist.

This hobby is simple: you should take a camera or a mobile phone with a good camera and you may go to spot license plates. Of course, you should spot cars so that main target of your spot, a license plate should be clearly visible. Share your inpressions with your friends, find colleagues who spotted interesting car, as you did it, and upload photos!

Many car owners find this hobby surprising. They fear that it may appear to be an invasion of their privacy. Though there is nothing illegal with taking pictures of cars and their license plates as this information is publicly available (you don't hide your license plates while you are on the road!), so it's not related to privacy. Actions of spotters can't bring any harm to car owners.

To upload photos of cars you should pass a simple procedure of registration on our site. When you decide to publish pictures on the site, please check have you added brief descriptions to spotted cars, and whether license plates are visible. You may upload not only spots of cars and trucks but also spots of buses, work and agricultural machines, motorcycles, scooters and other small vehicles. All spots are stored in gallery of the site in strict correspondence to types of license plates, so you can always check did particular spot of car or other vehicle attract attention from any other member of our community. Moreover, you may visit convenient forum, where you can find an user who made an interesting spot, share your impressions of gorgeous car, unique license plate and manners of spotting them.

Pictures of cars from different CIS and European countries, such as Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, former USSR, Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy, Spain, Poland, Switzerland, Hungary and Lithuania, are uploaded to our site. Creation of gallery sections for other countries is also planned for the future. License plate spotting is an international hobby, as well as very contemporary and enthralling. Publish your pictures, chat with colleagues, search for an interesting car or unique vanity license plate, then you will have the opportunity to become an active member of our community.


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